Thursday, June 15, 2017

Firstclass - The Gunner Remix - New Music From The CEO of Narcando Canada - Lyrics Included

New Music From The CEO of Narcando Canada

Firstclass - The Gunner Remix

The Gunner Remix By Firstclass 

Everybody wants that top spot nobody wants to fight for it 
Im rambo in the rainforest I want lambo with the suede doors
In camo with the blades crossed I told y’all my brains off 
Just a soldier from deep scarbs look closer you see scars 
Shoutout the city TDOT everybody knows how we rock 
fucking west ends like D-Block in the east side we bleed cops 
Fuck his family knee shots lean gwap nikes & reeboks 
Fitted hat low make you ease off 
you wouldn’t wanna be in my mind bruh
Ill massacre a rapper like micheal 
suicidal type the end of your life note 
fucking mind spun get it twisted like a gyro 
Still youngin on fire like pyro 
sorry hunny I ain’t singing on a high note 
Im bringing rap back 
now I laugh at everyone who never had my back 
bitch! you would die from my flashbacks 
Nightmares of a warrior & thats that 
gimme the cash to this rap shit im an asset 
mask on hunny empty out the basket 
cut once then we rap you up in plastic 
2 ropes tied knots tightly fasinned 
another inspired convict imagine 
Just out for my passion 
any opponent I will stab them, slash them 
fucking gun butt n blast them 
you dumb fucks what happen the mad kid 
I was born in disaster Ill slap a paster 
burn leaf in the page with jesuses passing 
fuck the passage don’t you motherfuckers get the message
you’ve unleashed the savage 
long sword my sworn advantage 
crush your wife you can keep your marriage 
Destin for a flight ibiza paris 
Ill spit until I fucking split my larynx
crystal lyrics you can hear it the feelings mirrored
it cant get much clearer Bitch I’ve been superior
Firstclass just a way of living 
Hunt your women so she can do my dishes 
a villain So fucking vicious dont ever push my limits
A reincarnated jimmy hendrix  
my buzz guarantee death in minutes
an addicted realist rap dealing 
wheel peeling store robbin civilian 
killing any motherfuker that be getting my way 
Middle finger to the undercover stepping in my face 
I never show fear if im dealing with the pigs 

cause We all bleed red & no knows their fate 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Now Offer Free Shipping On All Products At Narcando Canada

Now that the spring weather is coming in full swing we have decided to make a decision for Narcando Canada that will please any buyer, free shipping!

We offer free shipping at Narcando Canada site wide, you can buy t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, watches, gaming accessories, Jewelry & more with no additional shipping charges!!! The brand we designed revolves around an artist universe, since some art is valued in the millions while others in the negatives we decided to make things easier for the artist who decide to buy from Narcando Canada. Each product sold is designed by a creative mind who is looking to get their designs out there & noticed by others. Our new free shipping program is offered nationwide so even if you live in Germany we will get your order to you!

Follow Narcando Canada on all social media outlets across the web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest & even Google+.

The industry of e-commerce is booming like none other, everyday millions of new businesses are fighting to make sales & convert traffic into new customers, being gracious & giving back will be the best way for you to receive a return on your investment.

Shop Narcando Canada Today!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How I Created The Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Collection

During my childhood I was surrounded by pessimistic people, I grew up in a very negative & hostile environment that consisted of fights, arguments & broken hearts. As one can imagine money was normally the root cause of these arguments, no matter how hard my dad worked it was always paycheck to paycheck in my home. When my parents eventually split up, Me & my mom moved into a small room where we shared the floor to sleep, my brother had left to go live in Toronto at the time with my aunt & uncle & my sister was long gone. I started hanging out with street kids in the neighborhood that were always in trouble, eventually getting myself arrested & kicked out of my moms. I thought my life was falling into pieces, multiple charges over the following years got me sent to live in Toronto, at which time my brother was back living on the street with me. I finished high school in Toronto & stayed committed to my life of positivity, I was ready for the change. Many ups & downs came about during my climb back to the top.

Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins
Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins

My artistic brain eventually started to notice that no matter where you go somehow a number will find its way into your day, I found this amazing because it’s a work of art. Think about it, computers run on ones & zeros, time is calculated on a 24 hour basis & even you count up the years you have been alive! I found that money had made such a negative impact on my life it was time to look at it in a different perspective, just another number system that has no emotional bearing on me unless I let it.

Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins
Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins

On November 15th, 2016 I launched my first e-commerce website, I called it Narcando Canada (you are probably reading this off The Narcando Canada blog right now!) the company itself is an artist hub where any idea is a good one. Numbers are the most crucial & essential symbols that can be expressed by a word or a figure in the world.

Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins
Narcando Canada Numbers Above All Leggins

Used every day on a daily basis for millions of reasons I came to the realization that money does not make the world go round, however, numbers do. 

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Monday, March 27, 2017

How To Increase Traffic Levels For New Businesses By Narcando Canada

The hardest part in running any new business will be increasing your client base & generating new leads, in other words getting new customers to buy from you or use the service you are trying to provide. Narcando Canada was once a dead ship as I call it, just sitting there with no customers, taking up a domain name & costing me more to keep it alive than I was making on the site itself. I was ready to give up, I even started shopping around for places to sell off my website but the idea of selling hundreds of my dedicated designs that I created was eating me alive inside. I ended up giving my site one last shot, I knew I had quality items & amazing designs for sale but I wasn’t reaching anybody at all. 

My last push for the site was the best thing I ever did; the negative thought of giving away my baby gave me the motivation to spread the word as wide as I could, first with Facebook Ads, than Instagram & eventually even signing up for Google Adwords. Traffic started coming in but still no sales? How come? I was unknown, that’s why. Many companies use these advertising giants to promote their business but even that will not be enough, the real deal breaker was spreading my idea around by word of mouth. I sold my first item to an elderly family member who promised to wear my custom made hoodie to a family reunion, everyone loved it! The next week I sold three pairs of leggings, two keyboards & an engagement ring that my cousin-in-law absolutely loves! Since that turning point in my life, my site has flourished with hundreds of organic sales Nationwide. I’m not saying my family expands across the world, although we sure did set the tone for Narcando Canada’s traffic levels! Old ways of marketing & promoting like yard signs & radio ads will always have a positive impact on new customers, while others are more likely to only target younger generations. 

It’s your job as a business owner to figure out who your target audience is through research & dedication to the subject then go after them with a successful marketing strategy enabling a certain level of trust between your customers & your business. 

Let's summarize in a short list what you’ve just read to increase traffic levels when you are ready to give up!

1.    Running Ads with Facebook, Instagram & Google will not be enough.

2.    Use word of mouth to build your existing client base (Friends & Family) so you can get started.

3.    Use marketing that will appeal to your specific targeted audience. (The Internet for younger generations, Hard copies for seniors)

4.    Do ample research on the market you are entering into, the client base your targeting & the products or services you wish to sell.

5.    Never Give Up & Stay Committed to your brand!

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Narcando Canada Is Bringing Back The Pocket Watch!

The pocket watch dates back hundreds of years, documented from as early as 1462 have proven the technology has been around for a long time & Narcando Canada is here to bring the pocket watch back! The pristine design that goes into creating a watch as we all know is complex & time consuming, but with an amazing hands-on connection with dedicated designers, Narcando Canada is able to stay up to date with the newest trends! 

Narcando Canada Brock Lounge Pocket Watch

New products uploaded daily Narcando is the newest place to shop for quality items! Are you into luxury fashion & independent style creating by the most talent designers in the world delivered by Canadians? Then come by & shop today! 

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Narcando Canada Spotnicks Spotlights Collection

In the sky you look for happiness, think about life & wish for things. You don't think of everything humans have launched up there to see what's beyond our beautiful world, Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to be launched by the soviet union in 1957, since then much more have been launched & a whole new generation geek is taking over the world, especially with the internet age being here in full swing. For my passion of art, space & science, I gave this collection a twist by naming it Spotnicks Spotlights (The Canadian Version Of Sputnik) the design itself represents for me the evolution of the human race to the 4th dimension. 

Spotnicks Spotlights Leggings By Narcando Canada
Spotnicks Spotlights Leggings By Narcando Canada

My interpretation is that the human race will not keep human form after moving forward to the next dimension, rather they assume the form of pure energy taking specific paths with one objective at a time only. In the design above, I illustrate the ripple effect & narrow pathways that seem like small rectangles but are the maps to humanity from a negative agent, while the designs below have no ripple effect, illustrate peace & a smooth trajectory. 

Spotnicks Spotlights Leggings By Narcando Canada
Spotnicks Spotlights Leggings By Narcando Canada

The above designs are only two of many, visit one of the links below to see our full collection of leggings with over 100 different designs in stock made by independent designers! 

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Quick Does & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing By Narcando Canada

It’s all about follow me here, like this page or add me on this social media outlet nowadays, if you ask me it’s kind of annoying right? Right! The basics of social media is completely misunderstood by businesses around the world, these marketing powerhouses are a great way to gain new clients & leverage new leads, but it’s also the easiest way to destroy your brand. The worst approach to marketing on social media is flooding your common space with fake news or repetitive post that have been seen already (Don’t keep sharing the same post), the second worst approach is spamming inboxes or groups which will most likely result in you getting blocked or banned. 

To be successful in social media marketing is no different than any other form of marketing, be original, write new content, post new pictures of original photos & make your brand stand out & in time the customers will come. These platforms are to enhance a community feeling & give people the chance to speak on your product or service, customers will come if they have a sense of comfort & security, not if their spammed.

Imagine a salesman came to your house looking to sell you life insurance, he comes in your home, goes over all the products & plans, explains the fine print than pitches you on what’s best suited for you based on the meeting you have with him. He probes by asking questions, does a face to face meeting with you to keep you comfortable & most likely dresses in a nice suit & tie. Now picture receiving a phone call from a random 1-800 number trying to sell you a vacation, as soon as you pick up you are right into the sales pitch without a chance to speak, you’d hang up right? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? Point is, the effort was put in by the insurance salesmen to find out what is best for you & not what’s best for the company’s wallet, social media is no different! People want a personal connection, not to be forced into buying or using the service or product you offer.

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