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Firstclass4life A Clothing Collection By Canadian Rapper Firstclass

I've come from a very harsh & rough childhood where we dont let anything bring us down that's what Firstclass4life has been about my whole life. Clothing is a huge way to make your mark, never doubt though, all that hard work can go unnoticed if you don't show the right people the right gear! Narcando gave me the opportunity to show the world what kind of stuff goes on in my head through art you can wear! That was my only goal really with Narcando, to show the world my art! My independence & individuality means the world to me so being able to wear the art that symbolizes my struggles is truly breathtaking! Designs By Canadians

My clothing collection will grow & grow no matter the people who buy, share or speak about my brand Firstclass4life is not for everyone so I wouldn't expect everyone to enjoy the designs or clothing available in the collection at, However having support gives me a reason to push further every day with my brands. From to every person should have a special vice to express themselves. I enjoy designing clothing & making music people will enjoy. I enjoy being a rebel with a cause, I guess you could say obeying authority isn't my strong suit but helping people is. Narcando is a clothing brand like none other! So make sure you don't miss out I will be revealing the stories & inspirations that are being all of my design's, some of the clothing designs I got help from friends & family, some of the gear is from when I was in dark moment's feeling lost! Take a few moments to shop at you won't regret it! Support local artist & get cool Canadian designed T-shirts, Leggins, Hoodies & much more! Use the Promo Code NarcandoCanada for 25% off storewide! Don't forget to comment what you think about our brand below & support Narcando clothing by sharing the website! Thank's readers, I attached a couple picture's linking to the site, click below!
In Memory of Tyler "GUTLESS" Palmateer
Rusted Rapid Leggings - Picture of Lake Ontario

Firstclass4life Tribal Legging's
Life's Abstraction Sublimation Dress 

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