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Life's Abstraction - The Weird Clothing Made By Narcando Canada

Trying to stand out really is hard, especially in this day & age. Having an abstract mind is even more difficult to develop, but is it really? My Life's Abstraction clothing collection is actually all my doodles I have drawn either writing lyrics or doing work in school. I find it such a waste to throw away amazing ideas when a doodle is drawn you are deep in thought about something. It could be your test, work or money or maybe the London bridge being blown up by sheep! No one really knows because that's your abstract mind, the right side of your brain as some would say. Well sometimes I sit for long periods of time thinking & drawing whatever comes to mind next, you have around 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day imagine drawing that many small images? Pretty nuts right? Well, that's kind of what my Lifes Abstraction clothing line consist of is long hours of art & thought that people can wear! If you actually take your time to look into the images on the clothing it has a lot more than the naked eye can see. Take a look at one of the images I drew & altered with Photoshop & Illustrator to throw on some new clothing. 

Long hours of deep thought I say, that's the best advice I have for someone looking to indulge them selfs into creativity. Narcando Clothing is going to bring abstract art to a new level this year! 2017 We promise to deliver some of the most translucent & unique designs! Visit Narcando today for 25% off storewide sale! 

use PromoCode: NarcandoCanada 

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