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What's Narcando clothing?

I started Narcando clothing to help me start raising money for my music & to support other projects I had going on. In the process of me putting the designs together I realized I didn’t want to stand by the regular trends of standard fashion designs so I would focus on abstract images & abstract artwork. As time progressed & I enjoyed making new colourful quality clothing I decided every word of effort deserves a meaningful purpose. Narcando clothing started out as a way to generate income, it then became my passion before I even seen a dollar come in. The thought that people enjoy wearing uniquely designed clothes is what drives me to make more design’s with discounted prices. A premium Canadian inspired clothing company will not be easily achieved, with hard work, dedication & time comes a lot of struggle but at the same time gives me energy yo push harder for those who don’t have the drive. This company has given me opportunity to explore parts of my brain that are normally not visited, this gives me the strength to reveal some dark thoughts, experiences & artwork. Follow the Narcando blog for updates on new designs coming or new releases! 

Waxed by Narcando
Narcando clothing is an all Canadian inspired brand created by Toronto web designing native & HipHop artist Shayne “Firstclass” Logan. Taking pride in site wide designs we are always looking for new artist to join the team. Visit the Narcando clothing for more information!

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