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Narcando Canada Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation crewneck t-shirt

The third part of the collection is the Narcando Canada Lost In Life’s Darkness t-shirt, this t-shirt is a reflection of one of the darkest moments in my life. I spent over a year unemployed bouncing around between temp agencies & odd jobs before I decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship eventually launching Narcando Canada.The first step is the hardest, at least for me it was. I was dead broke living back at my aunt & uncles in a small room where I grew up; it was me, my girlfriend & my dog at the time.

Lost In Lifes Darkness By Shayne Logan - Ontario, Canada 

When I get frustrated or down I am not one to look for help, I actually need solitude. I began to draw relentlessly for hours on end to buy my time during the days as I waited on callbacks from interviews I went for, week after week but no calls came in. 
Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation (Front)
Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation (Back)

I realized it was time to do something for myself, I began to research e-commerce businesses & how they got started, that’s when I found Shopify. One of the easiest platforms used by millions to build businesses around the globe, Shopify lets users take advantage of third party apps connecting clothing manufacturing drop shippers directly to your store, also you can embed a Facebook store to maximize your audience. When I found out these crucial details I set up an account with Printful a drop shipping company in California that manufactures & fulfills orders for you that connect right to your store. I started uploading all my work from months of endless drawing into the shop & eventually becoming Narcando Canada. 

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