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Narcando Canada Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment Sublimation crewneck t-shirt

The idea behind this t-shirt came to me the same way The Narcando Canada Lost In LIFE T-Shirt came to me on my travel to Barrie in Northern Ontario.

Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment t-shirt (Front)
Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment t-shirt (Back)


If you have ever traveled on long road trips for hours at a time I’m sure you’ve witnessed a few beautiful sunsets yourself, being able to capture the moment & share it with the world is my goal. Not everyone has the opportunity to take long trips giving the mind time to reflect on past decisions or experiences weather good or bad, this t-shirt collection gives you the opportunity to share the experience. This t-shirt photo was taken during a harsh time I managed to overcome, my golden moment.
Canadian Sunset By Shayne Logan - Ontario, Canada

Every t-shirt designed at Narcando Canada is a reflective state of my mental, some bad, most nice but all are created with pure emotion by a Canadian. Narcando Canada accepts new artist to the design team on a daily basis, become a member & get you’re designs worn by the world!

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