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How To Increase Traffic Levels For New Businesses By Narcando Canada

The hardest part in running any new business will be increasing your client base & generating new leads, in other words getting new customers to buy from you or use the service you are trying to provide. Narcando Canada was once a dead ship as I call it, just sitting there with no customers, taking up a domain name & costing me more to keep it alive than I was making on the site itself. I was ready to give up, I even started shopping around for places to sell off my website but the idea of selling hundreds of my dedicated designs that I created was eating me alive inside. I ended up giving my site one last shot, I knew I had quality items & amazing designs for sale but I wasn’t reaching anybody at all. 

My last push for the site was the best thing I ever did; the negative thought of giving away my baby gave me the motivation to spread the word as wide as I could, first with Facebook Ads, than Instagram & eventually even signing up for Google Adwords. Traffic started coming in but still no sales? How come? I was unknown, that’s why. Many companies use these advertising giants to promote their business but even that will not be enough, the real deal breaker was spreading my idea around by word of mouth. I sold my first item to an elderly family member who promised to wear my custom made hoodie to a family reunion, everyone loved it! The next week I sold three pairs of leggings, two keyboards & an engagement ring that my cousin-in-law absolutely loves! Since that turning point in my life, my site has flourished with hundreds of organic sales Nationwide. I’m not saying my family expands across the world, although we sure did set the tone for Narcando Canada’s traffic levels! Old ways of marketing & promoting like yard signs & radio ads will always have a positive impact on new customers, while others are more likely to only target younger generations. 

It’s your job as a business owner to figure out who your target audience is through research & dedication to the subject then go after them with a successful marketing strategy enabling a certain level of trust between your customers & your business. 

Let's summarize in a short list what you’ve just read to increase traffic levels when you are ready to give up!

1.    Running Ads with Facebook, Instagram & Google will not be enough.

2.    Use word of mouth to build your existing client base (Friends & Family) so you can get started.

3.    Use marketing that will appeal to your specific targeted audience. (The Internet for younger generations, Hard copies for seniors)

4.    Do ample research on the market you are entering into, the client base your targeting & the products or services you wish to sell.

5.    Never Give Up & Stay Committed to your brand!

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