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[NEW PRODUCTS] Narcando Canada Sputniks Spotlights Collection

In the sky you look for happiness, think about life & wish for things. You don't think of everything humans have launched up there to see what's beyond our beautiful world, Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to be launched by the soviet union in 1957, since then much more have been launched & a whole new generation geek is taking over the world, especially with the internet age being here in full swing. For my passion of art, space & science, I gave this collection a twist by naming it Sputniks Spotlights the design itself represents for me the evolution of the human race to the 4th dimension. 

Sputniks Spotlights Leggings By Narcando Canada

My interpretation is that the human race will not keep human form after moving forward to the next dimension, rather they assume the form of pure energy taking specific paths with one objective at a time only. In the design above, I illustrate the ripple effect & narrow pathways that seem like small rectangles but are the maps to humanity from a negative agent, while the designs below have no ripple effect, illustrate peace & a smooth trajectory. 

The above designs are only two of many, visit one of the links below to see our full collection of leggings with over 100 different designs in stock made by independent designers! 

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