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The Quick Does & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing By Narcando Canada

It’s all about follow me here, like this page or add me on this social media outlet nowadays, if you ask me it’s kind of annoying right? Right! The basics of social media is completely misunderstood by businesses around the world, these marketing powerhouses are a great way to gain new clients & leverage new leads, but it’s also the easiest way to destroy your brand. The worst approach to marketing on social media is flooding your common space with fake news or repetitive post that have been seen already (Don’t keep sharing the same post), the second worst approach is spamming inboxes or groups which will most likely result in you getting blocked or banned. 

To be successful in social media marketing is no different than any other form of marketing, be original, write new content, post new pictures of original photos & make your brand stand out & in time the customers will come. These platforms are to enhance a community feeling & give people the chance to speak on your product or service, customers will come if they have a sense of comfort & security, not if their spammed.

Imagine a salesman came to your house looking to sell you life insurance, he comes in your home, goes over all the products & plans, explains the fine print than pitches you on what’s best suited for you based on the meeting you have with him. He probes by asking questions, does a face to face meeting with you to keep you comfortable & most likely dresses in a nice suit & tie. Now picture receiving a phone call from a random 1-800 number trying to sell you a vacation, as soon as you pick up you are right into the sales pitch without a chance to speak, you’d hang up right? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? Point is, the effort was put in by the insurance salesmen to find out what is best for you & not what’s best for the company’s wallet, social media is no different! People want a personal connection, not to be forced into buying or using the service or product you offer.

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