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Narcando Canada - 20 Crucial Elements Needed To Build A Thriving Community

Are you looking to build your brand & expand your community? For those of us who have already been doing this, you know this process is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, commitment & a lot of patience! 

With everything moving into the technological age we need to keep on top of the direction online marketing is headed. Here I  have created a list of 20 crucial elements needed to build a thriving community on social media. 

1. Consistency/Content
2. Designed To Share
3. Schmoozing On Social Media
4. Engaging/Caring
5. Enabling Others To Promote Your Work:
6. Interviews
7. Promoting Others & Telling Them About It
8. Guest Posts/Videos/Articles
9. PR:
10. Live Events/Speaking
11. Create An Unfair Advantage:
12. Time
13. Look Before You Leap
14. Get to Know Your Users
15. Leverage Any and All Connections at Your Disposal
16. Think in Terms of Advocates, Not Just Numbers
17. Expect It to Take Time
18. Take Chances and Experiment
19. Have a Personality
20. Track Everything

Keep in mind that each one of these are steps that can be applied to any business practice given the right mentality & dedication. 

Shayne L - Owner & CEO of Narcando Canada