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With everything going on in the world right now a lot of us would simply just like to go back to how things were, no Trump in office, no Trudeau in office & honestly let's just get all these fu*ks out of office because none of them have clue what they are doing. 

Narcando Canada is far from new to creating controversial & message sending products, we stand our ground firmly when it comes to our beliefs & right now, things are not going well! We need to make a stand as individuals to fight the system that governs us before we see everything we know collapsing.  

We are not simply a luxury urban brand from the streets of Toronto, we are a staple in the fight against the poor judgment from world leaders. We represent hundreds of thousands of youth & adults who have been wrongly convicted of crimes, abused by authority, embarrassed or humiliated publicly. We stand for you all! 

Help Narcando Canada show awareness to world leaders by wearing one of our new T-Shirts! We have two colors, to represent two very important factors. The green FU*K THE SYSTEM T-Shirt represents the ground we walk on & the earth we share belongs to not one person but us all. The blue FU*K THE SYSTEM T-Shirt represents the sky & space above it because our dreams, goals & passions reach further than the democratic drama going on.

Be a part of Narcando Canada by shopping at our site today!

Right now we have the November Presale on to get everyone ready for #NOVEMBERMADNESS the month of savings! This November we have our Birthday Week, Black Friday & Cyber Monday so don't miss out! 

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